Custom digital content

We create tailored digital content through instructional design, development, and structured adaptation of existing teaching materials.

We take your didactic materials, and transfer training modules to Virtual Learning Objects, under the ADDIE * methodology, using author tools.

We can bring your teaching materials to digital content online, making use of authoring tools (Authoring Tool). We have specialized software to create Learning Objects, based on a previous instructional design of the existing teaching material.



(*) The ADDIE instructional design model responds to the acronym of the terms: Analysis - Design - Development - Implementation - Evaluation.

Our pedagogical advisers know that the formative design of teaching materials and resources for online learning is adequate and effective if the instructional design or formative design guidelines are followed, and for this reason, they develop every project under the ADDIE model.

This model is a theoretical scheme that serves to carefully contemplate the phases of any type of training activity or material design.

The phases of the ADDIE model are Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. It is a work scheme applicable to the design of courses and helps us to systematize the design of the material.